The Three Rules of Cobra Kai

Rule 1. Strike First

Rule 2. Strike Hard

Rule 3. No Mercy

Rotten Tomatoes number 1 tv show of the summer. Cobra Kai is very awesome. The idea of having Daniel and Johnny each be both protagonist and antagonist was a stroke of genius. But I found myself rooting for Johnny just the same. He was the underdog of the series and I always feel for the underdog. Plus, he was really trying to get his shit together, even if some of his philosophies were archaic.

There were two things that bothered me about the show. It’s been 30 years since that first tournament, yet these two guys were acting like it happened yesterday. The other thing was that the kids Johnny was teaching, the kids who were being bullied, were becoming bullies themselves. Other than that it was a great show.

Cobra Kai on YouTube Red


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