Captain Blood by Rafael Sabatini


Continuing on my pirate kick I came across Captain Blood. The description sounded pretty good and the cover art was badass, Walking the Plank by Howard Pyle.

We’ve all heard the expression “No good deed goes unpunished”. Sabatini could have easily used that phrase as some sort of inspiration for the beginning of Bloods story. The beginning takes place during the Monmouth Rebellion, where Blood being a doctor, uphold his oath and tends to a few wounded Rebels only to be charged and convicted of treason again King James.

And thus begins the adventures of Peter Blood, who becomes known as Captain Blood. Even though it’s only been about a year since I read it, this book became one of my favorites almost as soon as I started reading it. Blood was a noble pirate with a conscience and held his crew to a high standard. He didn’t tolerate scoundrels among his crew and even though his country had betrayed him he kept his piracy to attacking Spanish ship, because England was at “war” with Spain at the time.

Published in 1922 the book reads like an old movie from the 30’s and 40’s, it was actually made into a movie with Errol Flynn as Captain Blood in 1935. As a movie fan I am almost always against a remake of a film, but considering it’s been over 80 years since, I’d fully endorse a modernization of Captain Blood. I think it would be fun to watch.

Captain Blood – Novel

Captain Blood – Movie

Full image of Walking the Plank

2 responses to “Captain Blood by Rafael Sabatini”

  1. I love this book!! I read it in a class on pirate literature I took in undergrad, but I’ve reread it since because it’s that good. I’d definitely be interested in a modern movie rendition, too!

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