The Guardsman by P.J. Beese and Cameron Hamilton


I’m not going to try and review this fantastic book because nothing I can say will live up to the nostalgia that has colored my judgment. I read The Guardsman when I was 16 and fell in love with it. I lost my original copy and spent basically the next 30 years searching for a copy, but was hindered because I couldn’t remember the title. Last year I finally found it on Amazon.

It’s your basic sci-fi pulp with heroes and villains, a crazed emperor, and a galactic rebellion (not like Star Wars). The most sci-fi thing I have ever read was in this book and described a woman made of jewels. That was her race, they were sentient jewel people. Also, the most despicable thing I have ever read was in this book and it involved the jewel woman.

The Guardsman

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