Batman: Knightfall


In my opinion Knightfall Part 1 was one of the best Batman storylines ever created. It featured pretty much every minor Batman villain known to man. From Firefly to The Riddler to Zsasz. And a few of the Major ones. Joker and Scarecrow team up and create utter chaos while Batman tries to quell the flames (literally in the case of Firefly) of the other villains.

The synopsis was a new character, Bane, broke all the bad guys out of Arkham Asylum to weaken Batman in order to break him and take over Gotham’s underworld. After it’s all said and done Bane does break Batman and takes over Gotham but as Bruce recuperates someone else takes up the Mantle.

Batman: Knightfall Part 1

Batman: Knightfall Part 2

Batman: Knightfall Part 3

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