The Speech by Bernie Sanders


Not to start a political debate. There is enough of that on social media. The filibuster is an interesting event in our political system, a politician can take the floor and speak on the subject at hand for as long as he can go. The practice has been around since the Roman Empire. This one by Bernie Sanders is 8 hours long, not even the top 5 longest filibuster but probably the most well known among the general population, mostly, I’m sure, due to the publication of this book.

In the book Bernie shares his thoughts about why Obama’s tax-cut plan was not a good idea for the working class. A plan that was brokered by Republicans. He reads a few letters from his constituents who were suffering because of the tax-cuts. Parts of the book are pretty repetitive and some parts will make you angry at how the government treats the people it’s supposed to serve. And the letters are pretty sad.

The Speech

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