The Crow by James O’Barr


A classic comic that has been reissued several times over since its original printing in 1989, not to mention several offshoot series over the years. The last one I read was The Crow: Pestilence, which was good and you should check it out. Anyway, This Crow is about a guy named Eric who is shot in the head and dies as he watches his girlfriend, Shelly beaten, raped, and murdered by a gang led by the infamous Top Dollar. Eric returned from the dead, with the help of the crow, and exacts revenge for his and Shelly’s murder in the most brutal and violent of ways.

The particular edition I have was released in 1994 and has a lot of extras, new art and poetry befitting The Crow. If you were young in the 90’s then you know The Crow’s dark and gothic vibe sort of epitomizes the culture back then.

O’Barr wrote the story as a way to cope with the death of his own girlfriend by a drunk driver. I think anyone who has felt helpless after they or a loved one has been hurt in any manner can relate to this story, or any story of revenge. When we feel helpless I think it’s a normal reaction to want to lash out and do harm to the person or persons who has hurt us. No matter how small the slight, the desire to harm is there, a little part of savageness left over from when people were less than civilized.

The Crow Special Edition

James O’Barr

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