Adam Rifkin’s The Last Movie Star


With the passing of Burt Reynolds last week, it pushed me to watch The Last Movie Star, I had been wanting to see it since I heard about it but had not had the chance. After hearing about Mr. Reynolds I looked to see if it was streaming anywhere and found it on Amazon Prime.

It was a good movie, about the best compliment I can give a movie these days is that it held my attention and kept me off my phone. The Last Movie Star did that. I mean, I was texting a couple of friend about how much I was enjoying the movie, but that’s it.

For me, and I am not very good at interpreting movies, just ask my friends, but for me it was a movie about getting to a point in your life when you realize that there’s not a lot left and you want to make the wrong things right, along with the obvious storyline of an aging actor being an asshole and learns to appreciate what he has from a much younger person.

Death comes for all of us, there’s no getting away from it. Speaking as a middle aged guy, I can’t say that I have lived my best life. I have made mistakes and looking back on them I want to try to make things right. I have been selfish and I went through the cliché midlife crisis of dating younger women and living a less than fruitful life. It was a way of denying that I was getting older and trying to cling to something that was slowly slipping through my finger. Now, I crave the quiet life, but still feel the regret of those bad decisions every day.

The Last Movie Star

Burt Reynolds

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