Johnny Cash: American Recordings


Obviously, Johnny Cash needs no introduction; I mean he is the Man in Black (nothing to do with the sci-fi movies). American Recordings was the first of a series of albums recorded for Sony records spanning the last 8 years of his career and his life (and beyond). With the release of this album is where I became a Johnny Cash fan. 

I remember seeing the video for Delia’s Gone and thinking “Johnny Cash is the coolest son of a bitch on the face of the planet.”; who else but Johnny Cash (a country artist) would write a song about killing a woman, release it as a single then put the video on MTV in the early 90’s? Who? 

Songs like Redemption, half southern-gothic and half religious hymn, are some of the best Cash songs you’ll ever hear on this album and any of the others that came afterwards. And the track Drive-On, that tells the story of a Vietnam vet, will send shivers up your spine. 

American Recordings

Johnny Cash

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