A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore


I came across Christopher Moore purely by luck, I was browsing the bookstore and saw the black cover of A Dirty Job with someone pushing a skeletal baby in a stroller, being me I didn’t hesitate to pick it up. Of course I bought it and couldn’t have been happier doing so. It was such a great and funny book.

Moore’s sense of humor is pure satire. Probably most of you have already read Moore’s work and understand his brand of humor so you don’t need me to explain it to you. But man, his books are funny. If, by chance, you have never read any of his work then you are doing yourself a disservice and need to remedy this sad situation pretty quickly.

A Dirty Job is the first novel in the Grim Reaper series, Death has left the earth and it’s up to mortal supernatural beings as Death Merchants, they are charged to go around and collect souls and keep them until it is time for them to move on, by doing this they keep the Darkness from breaking through and destroying the world. How could you not want to read that?

A Dirty Job

Christopher Moore