The Death of Superman


Recently DC Universe released the animated movie The Death of Superman, based on the comic book storyline of the same name. The comic storyline originally ran in 1992 and was a huge deal. Superman had been a staple of DC Comics for as long as I could remember and I couldn’t imagine how they could replace Clark Kent as one of Eath’s best heroes.

The events in the comic leading up to the death were not exactly quality writing, in my opinion. Doomsday (the alien who would kill the Man of Steel) was nothing short of a mindless natural disaster. Each issue was a different DC character trying to stop him and eventually failing until Superman stepped in and killed Doomsday and sacrificed himself to save his city Metropolis.

If you collected comics in the 90’s you know that no major event took place without it crossing over to other books and a slew of variant cover and special editions. This was no different. I remember one special that came complete with black armband to commemorate the event. It was a fun time for comics.

The Death of Superman was followed up with Funeral for a Friend which was particularly dull but a necessary part of the story, that was followed by Reign of the Supermen. Reign introduced four substitutes for Superman with subtitles hints that one of them was the real deal. Turns out none of them were. The real Supes was tucked away in the Fortress of Solitude basically recharging. He made his return towards the end of Reign and helped the other Supermen save the world from Mongul.

The Death of Superman Graphic Novel

The Death of Superman Animated Movie

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