The Black Crowes: Shake Your Money Maker


As you’ve probably noticed, hardly any of the music I write about is new. I guess my tastes are stuck in the past, nothing new really appeals to me any more. I come across a band a band or song that was new when I was young and memories come flooding back. Some of those memories make me smile, some don’t. Some of them remind me of mistakes and some remind me of the right choices I’ve made, there are just a few of those.

Our lives are peppered decisions that will define us in the future, while I have a decent life, it’s not the best life I could have lived.

Anyway, Shake Your Money Maker came out during a transition in music, when popular music was transforming from Hair Metal to g of the few non-grunge albums to gain popularity. It was a bluesy southern rock soulful album that made you want to drink and get high or sit and cry depending on the track playing.

The Black Crowes released more than a few album during their time but unfortunately broke up. But they leave a decent musical legacy behind them.

Shake Your Money Maker

The Black Crowes

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