Butter Schnitzel


Never had butter schnitzel before, it was a good recipe. Obviously not perfect, probably because I drink a lot of wine while I cook and end up getting impatient and spend most of my time looking for things in the cabinet and catching the spices that fall out while I’m moving stuff around. But it makes things fun. Drink a little wine, listen to some music, chop some stuff up. Is there a better way to Saturday night?

The schnitzel, a nice salad, and some fruit made a really good meal.

Butter Schnitzel

Devil’s Steak Sauce

Normally I won’t use steak sauce but this was pretty good. It’s equal amounts of blackberry jam, worcestershire sauce, malt vinegar, and brown sugar. Then add hot sauce and salt and pepper to taste. The recipe called for tomato sauce but skipped that and used a little liquid smoke and Gravy Master to help thicken it up.