Joe Lynch’s Mayhem

Mayhem was a great and fun movie to watch. Steven Yeun and Samara Weaving were great together. It was bloody, violent, and brutal, you know, the things you want to see on a Friday night.

The structure of the movie was a lot like a video game, where the heroes start at the bottom and fight their way up through the different levels of bad guys to confront the different bosses. There was even a side quest when one of the bosses didn’t yield the goods our heroes needed.

I have read that the movie is supposed to represent the anger a lot of us felt when Trump was elected President. And maybe that’s what Joe Lynch and Matias Caruso intended. But I felt like it was a commentary to big corporations treating their employees as a commodity and not as people. The only thing they care about is their bottom line, the only time people matter to them is when they’re affecting their money.

Again, it was a great and fun movie. I would watch it again.

Friday Night Double Feature: The Birds / Antichrist

the_birdsFirst off we have Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. I’ve always been a fan of Hitchcock but I sometimes forget he liked the slow burn movies, always building suspense as the movie progresses. The Birds definitely fits in that category. It starts off kind of cheesy with Rod Taylor meeting Tippi Hedren in an aviary, pretending to need love birds for his little sister. Tippi follows Rod to Bodega Bay to bring his sister the birds, as the story progresses you see the birds becoming more and more aggressive toward the people, ultimately outright attacking a kids birthday party. And killing and pecking out the eyes of some of the citizens of Bodega Bay, California.

Every town needs a group of preteen boys with BB guns just for these types of things.

The Birds

antichristNext up is Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist. I really should just stop trying to watch these art house films, I never get them and just feel frustrated at the end. Antichrist is no different, It feels longer than it is, but the shocking ending I kept reading about truly is shocking and I won’t be able to forget that anytime soon, so I give him that.

I’ve been told that it is his critique on therapy, apparently Von Trier suffered or suffers from depression and the help he was getting wasn’t helping. I can see that, Dafoe plays a therapist who is trying to help his wife, Charlotte Gainsbourg, battle depression but he does not do a very good job.



Otto Preminger’s The Man With the Golden Arm


Finally, what I consider an “old” movie. The Man With the Golden Arm is about a man, Frankie Machine, played by Frank Sinatra, who is fresh out of rehab/jail for heroin addiction. While inside, Frankie learns to play the drums and joins the prison band. Once out he tries to find work as a session drummer but gets caught up in the same old stuff as before.

Released in 1955, the movie deals with drug addiction and depicts drug use so you can imagine that it caused a stir. I didn’t even know heroin was an issue in the 1950’s. But then again all I know of the 50’s comes from watching reruns on TV after school. The Beav never once thought about using heroin.

This was a great film, it had such a great noir-ish vibe with every character you met, you knew they were kind of shady and only wanted Frankie to help them, they didn’t care that it might cause him to relapse. Just an all around good movie, I recommend you watch it if you come across it.

The Man With The Golden Arm

Coralie Fargeat’s Revenge


I know the above description of this blog says Old Movies and I’ve been talking about newer movies lately, it’s just that there have been new movies that I actually think are interesting coming out lately. Revenge is the latest one, I first heard about this film last year and thought it seemed interesting enough, if not kind of redundant. There’s not a lot you can do in a revenge film that hasn’t already been done.

Revenge has a pretty basic plot, beautiful girl (played by Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz) is wronged, I use that word so not to spoil anything about the movie, and set out to get her revenge, hence the title. But don’t let my pessimistic attitude dissuade you from see this, it’s actually a good movie.

The 70’s/80’s exploitation vibe is what I liked most about it, the movie has the usual running themes of feminism but flips the script a little by not over sexualizing the heroine. I mean, she’s sexy and walking around in her underwear but it’s actually tasteful and it honestly fits the scene. There are some unbelievable points in the movie but it’s an exploitation revenge film so it doesn’t really matter.

I would recommend it to anyone who likes this genre of movies. If you have a Shudder subscription it’s streaming free now.


Coralie Fargeat

Adam Rifkin’s The Last Movie Star


With the passing of Burt Reynolds last week, it pushed me to watch The Last Movie Star, I had been wanting to see it since I heard about it but had not had the chance. After hearing about Mr. Reynolds I looked to see if it was streaming anywhere and found it on Amazon Prime.

It was a good movie, about the best compliment I can give a movie these days is that it held my attention and kept me off my phone. The Last Movie Star did that. I mean, I was texting a couple of friend about how much I was enjoying the movie, but that’s it.

For me, and I am not very good at interpreting movies, just ask my friends, but for me it was a movie about getting to a point in your life when you realize that there’s not a lot left and you want to make the wrong things right, along with the obvious storyline of an aging actor being an asshole and learns to appreciate what he has from a much younger person.

Death comes for all of us, there’s no getting away from it. Speaking as a middle aged guy, I can’t say that I have lived my best life. I have made mistakes and looking back on them I want to try to make things right. I have been selfish and I went through the cliché midlife crisis of dating younger women and living a less than fruitful life. It was a way of denying that I was getting older and trying to cling to something that was slowly slipping through my finger. Now, I crave the quiet life, but still feel the regret of those bad decisions every day.

The Last Movie Star

Burt Reynolds

The American Plague: God Bless The American Plague


The American Plague is a hard rock band out of Tennessee, their style of music is a blend of southern rock and 70’s metal; I can’t remember the first time I was exposed (get it…exposed…exposed to the plague…never mind) to The American Plague but it was a LONG time ago and I remember I dug what I heard and bought the album God Bless The American Plague.

I wasn’t disappointed, from start to finish it’s true to what I thought it would be, if you’re into metal then chances are you’ll definitely like The American Plague, one of the tracks (number 5) is called Highwayman, it about a hitchhiker who turns out to be a serial killer, but the stand out track for me wasn’t an original tune but a cover of Motorhead’s Ace of Spades, it so good that even Lemmy Kilmister would be proud of it.

There’s a bonus track but it’s just an instrumental and you have to fast forward through twenty minutes (in real time) of dead air to get to it, it’s annoying when bands do that, make you wait for a song that’s not necessarily worth the wait.

God Bless The American Plague


Photo Credit: Wesley Miller

Darren Aronofsky’s mother!

motherposterlawrencebardemhorRight of the bat I’m thinking to myself, what the f@$k? It’s one of those movies where you hear every sound vividly so that even the flick of the light switch is loud.

I don’t know what she’s drinking through the beginning but it doesn’t look medicinal.

To say this movie is difficult is like saying Physics is hard, the average movie goer (me) won’t get it. My take on the movie is after a traumatic event Jennifer Lawrence snaps and the rest of the movie is her reality through her broken mind. The last half of the movie there’s a lot going on, it’s hard to keep up.

After reading what the director has said about his movie I can see a lot of religious allegories in it. When Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeifer break Javier Bardem’s crystal apple all hell breaks loose and the Paradise Jennifer Lawrence is making crumbles.

While I didn’t really get it, I didn’t hate it. It was almost like watch a cartoon. A really intense cartoon.


Darren Aronofsky

Darren Aronofsky Confirms What ‘mother!’ Is Really About

Avengers: Infinity War

I’ve been kind of tired of super hero movies lately, but Infinity War was pretty good. I felt like I should have watched Civil War and Ragnarok to fully understand what was going on in the beginning. I was for sure coming into this at the end of Ragnarok.

It didn’t have much of story but made of up for with action, action, and more action. Even the pauses in the action had action. You can’t play around on your phone during this movie or you’ll miss all the action.

The Black Order were pretty badass and Proxima Midnight has captured my heart. She’s kind of hot in a Death worshipping cult kind of way. And Thanos was a surprisingly deep character, I can’t remember the character having that much depth in the comics and James Brolin played him flawlessly.

The poignant ending was a nice touch.

Avengers Infinity War

Robert Hiltzik’s Sleepaway Camp


In my opinion one of the BEST worst movies ever made. I can’t remember how old I was when I first saw this movie, but it left an impression to be sure. For the most part it’s pretty tame, it takes place in a camp full of actual teens (the actors were all pretty young) so there’s no nudity but there are some graphic scenes that will make you say to yourself, what the fuck? Like, a snake coming out of a dead kids mouth and a hot curling iron put in places that it really shouldn’t be put.

As usual with all of these types of movies there’s a lot of assholes who deserve to be murdered (the rules of horror dictate it, not me). If you make to the end of the movie you’ve accomplished something to be proud of and if you’re sensitive like me you’ll also be traumatized and will never be able to get that scene out of your head…ever.

And if that’s not enough, the song during the closing credits will send you over the edge.

Sleepaway Camp

Shout Factory

Julia Ducournau’s Raw

As much as I don’t like gore I am always down for a cannibal flick and Raw is probably one of the strangest cannibal flicks I’ve seen in a while, probably one of the strangest flicks period, but an interesting strange. I can’t say it was a good movie, it definitely wasn’t bad. Probably my own uncultured tastes when it comes to foreign films and subtitles.

Also, she’s a hair chewer and there’s one scene that I had to mute and look away because it was way too gross. You can probably guess what happened.

And I am now kind of hungry.