A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

Set during the time leading up to and after the French Revolution, A Tale of Two Cities is not an easy read when compared to Great Expectations and A Christmas Carol. You really have to pay close attention to what’s going on or you might miss some vital piece of information.

It’s divided into three books (maybe it was a three part serial when first published, I don’t know) with the first to books setting up the third with a tremendous amount of backstory. The third part is where the book really took me in, with the theme of necessary sacrifice, or a needed sacrifice at least. Whether it’s a sacrifice to satisfy a need for revenge or a personal sacrifice that is performed out of love so that a family wouldn’t have to endure another tradgedy.

Joseph Zito’s The Prowler

A really cheesy and senseless 80’s slasher. The Prowler takes everything generic about 80’s slasher films and does nothing with it. The killer has the lamest excuse ever for killing teenagers. And for some reason lets a few live. The only saving grace for the movie is that it’s relatively short and the killing starts pretty quickly. And that’s it, nothing special about this movie at all.

The Prowler Blu Ray

The Orchard Keeper by Cormac McCarthy

And speaking Cormac McCarthy…the guy is unarguably the best American writer working today. I have read almost all of his novels (The Border Trilogy being the exception) and they’re all brilliant.

The Orchard Keeper was his first novel. Published in 1965, out all that I’ve read this one is my least favorite. Set around the Tennessee Appalachian Mountains before WWII, It centers around three different characters, one of which is a Marion Sylder, a bootlegger, who kills a man and then unknowingly takes up with the mans son, acting as a surrogate father to the boy.

It’s a great book even being a little slow.

The Orchard Keeper

Cormac McCarthy

The Speech by Bernie Sanders


Not to start a political debate. There is enough of that on social media. The filibuster is an interesting event in our political system, a politician can take the floor and speak on the subject at hand for as long as he can go. The practice has been around since the Roman Empire. This one by Bernie Sanders is 8 hours long, not even the top 5 longest filibuster but probably the most well known among the general population, mostly, I’m sure, due to the publication of this book.

In the book Bernie shares his thoughts about why Obama’s tax-cut plan was not a good idea for the working class. A plan that was brokered by Republicans. He reads a few letters from his constituents who were suffering because of the tax-cuts. Parts of the book are pretty repetitive and some parts will make you angry at how the government treats the people it’s supposed to serve. And the letters are pretty sad.

The Speech